Training and E-Learning

Discover how industry leaders are using Andonix to enhance training, capture savings, and improve productivity.

Learn How PTI Uses Smart Work Station to Improve Training Speed, Reduce Costs and Boost Productivity

Learn how Andonix:

  • Helped PTI bridge communications gaps to improve visibility and save time in the organization.
  • Amplified existing knowledge and empowered PTI’s front line workers to improve quality
  • Streamlined the training process to expedite onboarding and improve job pairing

    Enhance Training to Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

    Leverage collaborative and adaptive training with Smart Work Station.

    Utilize digital checklists, digital work instructions, and digital Andon Cord to improve your core training processes through:

    • E-learning designed to reduce time spent and eliminate hidden factory. 
    • Quickly share general company information across all positions to keep everyone on the same page. 
    • Implementing more efficient training systems that adapt based on employee performance and knowledge.  

    Lean 4.0 Tools Utilized

    Policy Deployment

    Dissemination of general company information to all positions, including mission statement, vision, values, and policies using Digital Andon Cord.

    Standard Work

    E-learning, digital skills and training matrix, training quizzes, training efficiency optimization, and adaptive training for each associate. 

    Learn how you can see an ROI in days with Smart Work Station

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