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: Revolutionize your approach and achieve predictable outcomes with digital permits, verification and monitoring to empower the right people to do their job safely.

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Create, Access and Manage ANY physical space SAFELY

Learn how Safely Pass is automating people entry processes, facilitates collaboration and virtual work, creates a social space, and implements effective health containment initiatives at work.

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Verify, Monitor & Empower your Teams to Do the Job Safely

An ounce of prevention is a pound of Cure” – Benjamin Franklin

Personalized digital passes & permits

Quick safety & health declarations

Site Access, Monitoring & Authorizations

In-app micro-training & communication

Unlimited Digital Twin Spaces

Unlimited Data & Cloud Records Exporting

An Industry 4.0 Approach to EH&S

Enhance Compliance & Minimize Effort

Prevent Accidents, Predict Outcomes

Automate Workspace Access

Avoid Outbreaks at Work

Empower Everyone to be Responsible for Safety

How Safely Pass Protects Workers and Keeps Your Doors Open

Safely Pass for Workplace Entry

Safely Pass for the Office

Safely Pass Powered by Andonix

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The USMFCU mission is to enable their members’ financial dreams. Learn how Andonix Safely Pass helps USMFCU to create trust, remove fear and protect their employees to deliver those dreams safely during this novel health crisis.

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