Augment and Enhance Your Frontline Workers

Productivity now for your company and immediate savings to grow your profit

We deliver tangible value to grow your bottom line in days


Enhance Training to Improve Productivity and Performance


Improve Process and Performance to Impact Quality


Protect your front line workers and improve visibility


Revolutionize Your Operations with Technology

With Smart Work Station™ you can

Digitize Work Instructions and Checklists

Capture hidden knowledge, fully engage your front line and create value in ways never before possible with fully digital work instructions and checklists.

Integrates with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, PDF, MS SharePoint, Salesforce, SAP, Plex. AWS Partner. 



Trusted by industry leaders big and small to transform their frontlines



"With Andonix Smart Work Station we've redeployed complex processes as simple operations that anyone can execute, making paper checklists a thing of the past."

~Cesar Rodriguez
Yard Management Manager, FCA

"Smart Work Station is a perfectly customized solution for us. We were able to move from a very manual process to a user-friendly, automated solution, allowing us to stop using paper and reduce waste."

~Richard Santana
Lean Manufacturing Manager, Kiekert

"Smart Work Station allows us to connect people so they can ask easily access eTraining materials, enhance job pairings, and ask for help when they have exceptions or problems from anywhere in the organization. Our electronic work instructions are much more efficient now to match cycle times."

~Francisco Nino
Director of Operations, PTI

"We now have the ability to include specific questions in our digital checklists, trace them by bill of lading number and make live updates to instructions to keep things moving as efficiently as possible. This has helped eliminate shipping errors and enhance transparency"

~Ryan Gauthier
Chief Financial Officer, Fortech

"This is what is so powerful about Safely Pass - each person can make the decisions they need on their own devices. I thank Safely Pass and Andonix for helping us make that happen."

~Andre Vygnanski

"Andonix has been unbelievably helpful when working with their Safely Pass app. At the start of the school year, we needed something that could quickly and easily get families onto our campus and allow them to fill out their self-declaration form. Safely Pass has been the perfect addition to our safety procedures. Andonix had been extremely flexible and responsive to our needs. I would highly recommend Safely Pass to any school looking to improve their safety procedures."

~ Nick Purdue
Director of Technology, Windermere Preparatory School

Built for Speed

Connect Your Front Line

Enable front line workers to summon help, escalate concerns and teach others what they know quickly.

Use Data to Take Measurable Action

Establish traceability and generate reports that help identify opportunities to improve.

Build a Culture of Collaboration

Eliminate off-process steps and rework with a collaborative platform that engages all workers.

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