Andonix empowers front-line work
in industrial age companies through
a SaaS platform that connects people,
process and place

Connect and manage your workforce using any of
the devices and systems you already have!
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Save Time

Speed training

Execute quickly

Solve problems in real time

Save Money

Improve safety

Better quality

Higher productivity


Attract and retain talent

Ensure consistency

Scale your teams


Create multi-media resources to replace paper


Work Instructions, check list, surveys and communiques

Deploy them to any mobile device

Update instantly any place, any time


With engaging, relevant content



On demand

At any scale

At the pace that is right for the team member


With a digital andon cord in each device, team members can


Summon help easily

Escalate concerns quickly

Teach others what they know




Collaborate to solve problems and improve productivity, enhance efficiency and effectiveness

Eliminate off-process steps and rework

Improve safety

Boost quality


Use data to take action


Generate reports and analyses

Discover opportunities to improve

Establish traceability

Identify downtime from anywhere


Onboard Fast, Get Results


Download the Smart Work Station™ app to your Android devices

Connect your team: start small and expand, or get the whole team started together

Expect an ROI in days, and help from Andonix to make it happen

“Smart Work Station ™ is a fantastic solution – we were able to impress our client, Audi, helping us to secure new contracts.”

 – Cesar Hernandez

Business Unit Manager

“Our field work force loves the Smart Work Station. Any problems they encounter on remote sites they are able to solve faster than ever before”

– Fernando Sanchez
Field Maintenance Supervisor

“Collaboration and creativity has risen since we introduced the Smart Work Station – I’m impressed by how many suggestions we have implemented”

– Bill Stevenson
Operations Manager

“The implementation of the software was unlike any enterprise system we’ve implemented before; we were up and running in days, able to then scale as needed.”

– Jerry Altobello
IT Manager

The Andonix Vision

At Andonix, we used our experience in the factories of Detroit to create the most advanced, flexible and accessible SaaS platform on the market. We want to give “Power the People,” to unleash human potential in today’s teams as they pursue gains in lean manufacturing or gear up for Industry 4.0.
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Smart Work Station makes it easy to get started quickly and scale at your own pace


Learn how you can measure Return on investment in days with an incremental, risk-free implementation.