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Industry 4.0

The Benefits of a True Industry 4.0 Solution for Your Front Line
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The Benefits of an Industry 4.0 Approach


Uncover Hidden Work

Standardize processes and streamline communication to capture the hidden factory

Empower Your People

Utilize existing devices to empower your front line, turning laborers into knowledge workers who create value.

Measure and Improve

Capture data around every aspect of your business and analyze how to improve processes, training, and more.

The Right Industry 4.0 Solution Starts with People

Improves Productivity, Training, Quality and Safety

By going digital, you can recapture significant lost profits and empower your workers to generate additional value.

Enables Your Front Line to Engage with the Organization

Bring your front line workers into a broader conversation, engaging them with management and senior leadership and building a culture of collaboration.

Enable Your Workers to Perform Extraordinary Work

Connect people, process and place in a collaborative effort that marries technology and front line performance. 

Quickly Address Downtime and Issues Anywhere

Connect team members with a digital andon cord in every device to rapidly summon help, escalate concerns over process, or share knowledge. 

Why Industry 4.0?

  • Spark your team’s collective knowledge and problem-solving wisdom
  • Improve measurement and analysis.
  • Create a single source of truth. 
  • Build training programs that grow with your employees.
  • Recapture lost profits. 
  • Enable everyone to create value.

Smart Work Station Technology, Security and Compliance

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