Safety, Environment and Health

Discover how industry leaders are using Andonix to transform safety standards in their organizations.

How Technology Enables Smarter Safety Standards

Learn how Safety 4.0:

  • Changes measurement and analysis to greatly improve visibility on the front line.
  • Introduces connected worker technology that impacts safety and has an outsized impact on the entire organization.
  • Digitizes paperwork, checklists, and communications to reduce hidden processes and increase compliance across the board. 

Improve Traceability and Routine Safety Standards

Empower your entire organization to meet higher safety benchmarks.

Utilize digital checklists, digital work instructions, and digital Andon Cord to build a safer environment, through:

  • Digitized safety audits and review of industrial vehicles. 
  • Verification of personal protective equipment.
  • Safety analysis by operation
  • Quick dissemination of accidents or incidents of all business units. 
  • Safety performance per job prediction based on data analytics. 


Lean 4.0 Tools Utilized


Safety audits empowered by digital checklists, forklift checklists as part of daily review of industrial vehicles


Daily safety talks, verification of personal protective equipment, unsafe conditions reporting, and safety analysis


Dissemination of accidents or incidents of all business units using Digital Andon Cord functionality, for all positions

Root Cause Analysis

Using digital checklists, prepare incident, accident and near-miss investigation checklists

Continuous Improvement

 Safety performance per job prediction based on data analytics, using digital work instructions

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