Quality Improvement

Discover how industry leaders are using Andonix to improve quality and reduce the risk of disruptions.

FCA Quality Assurance Team Relies on Smart Work Station to Address Inbound Defective Components

Learn how Andonix:

  • Helped the OEM SQA team during an extremely demanding vehicle launch.
  • Implemented a digital system to manage the quality recovery process.
  • Provided fully customizable digital work instructions and checklists.

Improve Quality and Processes throughout Your Organization

Perform smarter inspections and process audits with Smart Work Station.

Utilize digital checklists, digital work instructions, and digital Andon Cord to improve quality and processes through:

  • Digital visual aids leveraging all-digital work instructions.
  • Digital GEMBA Walks using easy-to-update checklist technology.
  • 5’s audits and digital quality inspections. 
  • Automatic problem and report resolution and escalation


Lean 4.0 Tools Utilized


Layered and Process Audits (LPA) for managers, coordinators, and quality supervisors.


One point lessons and Lessons Learned Propagation with AI to help predict, prevent and prescribe. 


Dissemination of the quality Q scorecard to all positions with Digital Andon Cord technology. 

Root Cause Analysis

Digital quality alerts and automatic problem, report and resolution escalation to all positions. 


Digital GEMBA walks using digital checklist technology that can be centrally updated for all devices.

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