Is COVID-19 Upending your Business?

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How are you going to manage your team remotely in the event of a crisis?

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In times of crisis, your front line workers are the heroes we all need.


Your front line workers keep the engines of society running, regardless of circumstance.

How can they stay connected with their teams and be safeguarded by their employers during times of crisis?

It’s vital that companies prepare for this now, assuring business continuity and worker safety.

Protect the heroes of TODAY and keep the means of production alive and well, no matter how severe the situation.


Andonix is leading the way in delivering quick to deploy – Industry 4.0 software solutions to keep front-line workers connected and safe at all times. 

Through disasters, economic downturn, and global pandemic – Andonix is here for the heroes on your front-line.


Andonix has prepared several resources to help you assess your situation.

Take our survey to judge your readiness. Then schedule a free consultation with one of our representatives to access our Business Continuation App, designed to support your remote teams when you can’t be there.

COVID-19 Resource Suite

Keep your doors open during the unprecedented Coronavirus crisis. Learn more and access valuable resources.

Business Continuity Plan

A checklist of actions to respond to unexpected crisis and the impact on your employees and business.

Remote Work Resources

Support your employees when disaster strikes with remote work resources for front line companies.

What's Your Emergency Plan?

Do you have a remote work plan in place and how will you support your employees?

Business Continuity Partners

Andonix is proud to partner with these providers who are here to help in these trying times.

SBA & Conventional Business Loans

The Fountainhead team has been involved in financing over $24 billion in total projects including SBA 7(a), SBA 504 and Low-LTV Conventional loans, across all 50 states.

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