Smart Work Station

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Quickly Build, Share and Update Digital Checklists and Work Instructions


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Quickly Build, Share and Update Digital Work Instructions and Checklists

Imagine a frontline where paper is replaced. 

Andonix enables people to perform extraordinary work. The Smart Work Station™️ platform connects people, process and place to significantly improve results.

Connecting Your Workforce

By digitizing your work instructions and checklists with SWS, you transform your front line workers into knowledge workers.

Our fast, easy and low-cost solution is mobile-first, designed to run on $100 smartphones and tablets. Meaning you can start today. 

Welcome To Your New Workstation


Create a library of multimedia resources to replace paperwork instructions, checklists, surveys, and communiques.


Train at all levels of your organization with step-by-step, on demand instructions at any scale for your organization.


With a digital andon cord in each device, team members can summon help, escalate concerns and teach others.


Collaborate to solve problems and improve productivity, enhance efficiency and effectiveness.


Eliminate off-process steps and rework, improve safety throughout the organization and boost product quality.


Use data to take action, generate reports, and discover opportunities to improve.



Organize users by business units, plants, production lines and teams. Limit and restrict access as needed.


Never print, copy, or distribute another set of work instructions or checklist again with a digital solution.


Create adaptive training programs based on use frequency and speed. Build a digital training matrix.


Never capture data in excel again. Collect data through geolocation, signatures, file uploads, and more.

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