Andonix is a proud member of the Michigan business community, working closely with companies to support their efforts to keep employees safe and doors open during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Companies throughout Michigan have implemented the Safely Pass app to protect their team members and provide them peace of mind, and we’re coordinating with companies and schools to provide leading detection, prevention and monitoring solutions that will help them keep the doors open like facemasks and temperature monitors. 

Earlier this month, Govern Whitmer signed Senate Bill 690 to appropriate nearly $1 billion in federal funding for COVID-19 response throughout the state. The supplemental budget will provide grants for child care, hazard pay for first responders, and grants to help small businesses restart their operations. 

Additionally, the program provides $18 million in health and safety grants for schools in Michigan and $8.8 million in MIOSHA grants specifically designed to help keep workers safe on the job. To effectively protect workers and keep doors open, businesses must spend $25/worker/month or more for technology, PPE, and testing support. For small and medium businesses with limited resources for implementation, this can be burdensome, and Michigan’s efforts to support them is vital in this time of crisis. 

The program will launch soon, providing a dollar-for-dollar match up to $10,000 for small businesses to purchase safety and health-related equipment in response to COVID-19. To qualify for the MIOSHA grant, companies must have 250 or fewer employees across the entire company, be under MIOSHA jurisdiction, conduct a site-specific evaluation justifying the equipment being purchased, and have the resources and knowledge needed to implement the project. Designed before the COVID-19 crisis, the MIOSHA grant program is being repurposed to meet the needs of companies struggling to open and keep employees safe right now. So, changes might be made to the program to accommodate. 

You can learn more on the MIOSHA homepage, and stay tuned for news about applications for the program when they go live. 

Andonix will continue to work with the Michigan business community to support their efforts to stay open, protect employees, and weather the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more about what we’re doing to support small and medium businesses in Michigan here