Lean’s purpose is to drive waste efficiently and incrementally. Through continuous improvement, increased visibility and transparency, and investment in the standardization of work, organizations directly tackle the root causes of waste and iteratively improve performance.

We’ve entered a new age of technology and resources, however, that means we need to recontextualize Lean and how we accomplish those goals. Lean 4.0 leverages the newest technology that is being introduced in Industry 4.0 initiatives to create faster ROI and make more significant changes without long term investments.

Instead of spending months implementing a new technology system, organizations are using Lean to do everything faster.

Layering the Industry 4.0 Journey

It starts by layering the processes and utilizing near term improvements to fund the journey.

layering your journey

Industry 4.0’s ultimate goal is to create an autonomous pull economy, continuously sensing demand, with complete end-to-end automation.

For small organizations, this can feel like a pipe dream. A multi-million dollar investment that will take decades to realize.

Lean 4.0 helps layer that process, starting with operational efficiency – focusing on asset utilization, operational cost reductions, and worker productivity.

Generating Fast ROI with Lean 4.0 Initiatives

Lean inspired pilots for industry 4.0 technologies can reveal significant ROI by:

  • Addressing defects and improving quality
  • Streamlining efficiency and reducing waste
  • Boosting productivity and improving training
  • Saving time and money while improving transparency.

There are dozens of use cases for this approach, and many of them can be realized with a collection of easy-to-implement, but highly effective tools.

lean 4.0 in action

Lean 4.0 allows the utilization of technology to improve 5S, Andon communications. Standardized Work, PDCA, Kaizen, GEMBA, KPI evaluation, and root cause analysis among many others.

This is just the start of the process and one small step in realizing a more significant long term improvement.

Taking the Next Step with Industry 4.0

By leveraging the right tools, any company can leap ahead of its competition and start benefiting from industry 4.0 technologies. Lean 4.0 makes it easier to implement digital initiatives from the bottom up, starting with your most valuable asset – the front line. Instead of a decade long investment in tools you may not be ready for, you can identify your strengths and leverage new tools for significant short term ROI.

Learn more about the benefits of a Lean 4.0 approach to your front line operations in our recent webinar: Lean 4.0: A Guide to Faster Industry 4.0 Transformation.

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