Innovating Through Crisis: Strategies for Small Businesses to Survive and Thrive

Andonix Founder and CEO, David Salazar was recently invited to participate in a panel on the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis and its impact on small businesses in the United States. The panel discussed the key challenges surrounding the crisis and how small businesses that previously won the Inner City 100 award from ICIC are addressing those challenges.

Business owners offered their insights into the opportunities they are pursuing as a result of the crisis as well, to not just survive the downturn that has resulted, but to accelerate current efforts and position their companies for long-term growth. Lynda Applegate, Baker Foundation Professor at the Harvard Business School moderated the panel, which also featured the following executives:

  • Vanessa Faggiolly, CFO, Amerisal Foods LLC, Van Nuys, CA
  • Stephanie Hickman, President & CEO, Trice Construction, Chicago, IL
  • Janice Jucker, President & Co-Owner, Three Brothers Bakery, Houston, TX
  • Bo Menkiti, Founder and CEO, The Menkiti Group, Washington DC
  • David Salazar, Founder and CEO, Andonix and Former COO, PTI-QCS, Detroit, MI

The event was co-sponsored by Fortune Magazine, Chevron and FedEx. You can watch the full recording here, as well as download the presentation.