SmartWorkStation is a digital Andon Cord solution that turns your front line workers into knowledge workers. Your company can tap into their wisdom and experiences, not just their hands.

It is the future of the connected front line worker.


SWS is cloud-ready and runs on any desktop, tablet or smartphone. It adds lean manufacturing innovations and gives you the power to:

  • Create intuitive digital work instructions and instantly distribute them to all front line team members. SWS synchronizes instructions in the cloud so all workers access the newest version at the same time. SWS saves time and resources by eliminating execution inconsistencies — all work instructions are current. Companies can manage work instructions across shifts.
  • See work progress in real time with SWS functions of data acquisition, process tracking and control and digital time stamps. Managers can check operations in real time rather than waiting for the end of the shift. SWS collates information as it happens and reduces the human errors that can occur from transcriptions.
  • Create step-by-step training with text, images and videos giving operators all the guidance they need. Reduce training time by using the SWS training and execution mode. It includes a digital training matrix for ease of use. SWS maintains a consistent knowledge base for front line workers and reduces the differences each worker may introduce naturally from divergent training methods. Better and faster training equals better quality.
  • Access a robust communications interface with text, chat and voice call for Andon Cord functionality. Bring power to your front line associates to manage process exceptions and add queries.
    Generate reports with a powerful reporting tool which shares insights on people, processes and performance. Gain analytics with process tracking and control.

Benefits of using SmartWorkStation


  • Streamlines training functions
  • Standardizes work instructions


  • Improves communications
  • Connects front line workers


  • Delivers real-time data
  • Provides data analytics to predict, prevent, prescribe, and continuously improve operations
  • Adds performance transparency


  • Reduces delays, inefficiencies and quality gaps
  • Minimizes the impact of rotations and absenteeism
  • Aids job pairing
  • Decreases change-over times

Who is Using SWS?

Global Automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers are already using and extracting value from SWS. Some amazing success stories are emerging — we are already helping teams succeed.

Technology does not have to be painful and expensive.

We understand that you don’t need expensive and complicated software with long implementation cycles. We build our solution to be best in class, low-cost and scalable with minimum support.

Why us? Why now?

Our team members are experts in manufacturing and technology with long track records of successful ventures in manufacturing tech and the automotive industry. We understand your challenges because we work with them every day.

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