Productivity Gains

The SmartWorkStation from Andonix brings safety, quality and efficiency to the shop floor. It is the future of the connected front line worker.

The front line is where your product value is created, protected and delivered. The front line is where the SmartWorkStation delivers consistent and robust training and communication to ensure safety, eliminate waste, and improve efficiency.

Excellent execution plus mediocre strategy will always beat mediocre execution plus excellent strategy. The SmartWorkStation delivers excellent execution and excellent strategy.

The power to execute is in your people. SWS enables ordinary people to perform extraordinary work. Empower your people with the SmartWorkStation. Gain safety, quality and efficiency.


When front line workers are empowered with standardized work instructions and appropriate training, the safety of the line is increased. Videos, text and photos enable front line workers to learn their jobs in the right way. Give the power to your people to turn front line workers into knowledge workers. SmartWorkstation helps you shape a culture of excellence, with safe, engaged, motivated and connected front line associates.


The SmartWorkStation improves quality with digital Andon Cord functionality. It gives front line workers fully customizable digital work instructions and check lists to enhance on-the-job training, communication and supervision. Standardized best practices dictate how to manage exceptions and problems with instant visibility, communication and coordination. Better and faster training equals better quality.



SmartWorkStation delivers lean and Industry 4.0 productivity gains to the shop floor. It streamlines, organizes and integrates all processes and stakeholders. It synchronizes information in the cloud so all users access new versions of work instructions instantly. Save time, paper, costs using SWS. Avoid execution inconsistencies with up-to-date work instructions, even across shifts. Supervisors and managers know the status of operations in real time.

A Culture of Excellence

With SWS, your front line associates can perform a variety of functions based on standardized best practices. They can manage exceptions and problems with instant visibility, communication and coordination to solve problems.

Your company can achieve operational excellence with SWS and take your competitive advantage to the next level by continuously improving processes.

Shape a culture of excellence, with engaged, motivated and connected knowledge associates.

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