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Andonix SmartWorkStation® is the future of the connected front line workforce that creates knowledge workers by tapping into their collective wisdom, creativity and experience — not just their hands.

Manufacturing Challenges — SmartWorkStation Solutions

Automotive manufacturing has been challenged more than any other industry; having to do more with less. Your front line is where your product value is created, protected, and delivered.

Exceptions: SmartWorkStation gives your front line workers the power and the knowledge to deal with exceptions.

Visibility: By adding digital visibility with SmartWorkStation to replace paper instructions in binders, front line workers know how to react and find answers.

Improvements: Collaboration happens in real time and lessons learned are cataloged in the paperless SmartWorkStation.

Maintain your competitive edge by continuously improving plant safety, first time quality, efficiency and productivity with SmartWorkStation.


SmartWorkStation brings Andon Cord functionality to turn front line workers into knowledge workers.

  • SmartWorkStation’s powerful communication platform connects your front line workers.
  • You can create or alter work instructions/checklists in real time and train workers with SmartWorkStation.
  • Gather insights and capture data to monitor and direct front line workers in real time with SmartWorkStation.

SWS is cloud-ready and runs on any smart device.

Give the power to your people with SmartWorkStation.


efficiency gained on the shop floor using SWS in real time.

Productivity Gains

It’s all happening at your front line where SmartWorkStation brings safety, quality and efficiency.

  • Connected workers become knowledge workers: the number of mistakes is reduced.
  • Agility is real: SmartWorkStation gives you the power to change and adapt in real time.
  • Information where it matters: as a paperless solution, SmartWorkStation delivers real time access to the right information, to all users – from the front line work force to management. No more paper in binders or on bulletin boards.

SWS enables ordinary people to perform extraordinary work. It delivers excellent execution and excellent strategy.

SmartWorkStation is the future of the connected front line worker.

Empower your people with the SmartWorkStation. Gain safety, quality and efficiency and take your lean manufacturing initiatives to the next level.

Andon Cord and Digital Lean Manufacturing

SmartWorkStation is a digital Andon Cord solution.

An Andon Cord is a system of signal lights that can be activated by any front line worker when encountering a problem or anomaly. It is a powerful tool that improves quality — that’s why companies as diverse as Toyota, Amazon and Netflix have implemented Andon Cord processes.

  • SmartWorkStation delivers operational excellence to take your competitive advantage to the next  level. It shapes a culture of excellence, with engaged and motivated connected knowledge workers.
  • Turn your operations into digital lean manufacturing with SmartWorkStation.
  • SmartWorkStation is Industry 4.0 ready.

We’ve built the industry’s first digital Andon Cord solution and it’s going to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

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